What's approximate cost for roof inspection?

Visual inspection from the ground is free of charge. Minimum fee for Roof top inspection is $250 to $300. If repair/replacement is required, 100% of the fees collected for inspection can be applied towards that invoice.

What are warning sign if I need my roof repaired?

To find out whether your existing roof needs simple repairs or a complete replacement, you can hire the best roofing contractors.  Some types of roof damage need only roof repair, while others demand a total roof replacement. They are able to spot roof damage such as roof damage caused by intensive rainfall, wind, sun and the obvious storm factors.

What causes a chimney to leak?

Chimney leaks are some of the most complicated leaks to identify. There are lots of reasons for chimney leaks, and it is not always probable to spot the specific leak by visual inspection only. Even when an estimator sees an obvious reason for a leak, there may also be hidden factors or causes.

What are the black streaks on slate roof?

You may have noticed that areas of your slate roof have become dirty or black streaks have developed. This is normally the result of air pollution and organic growth, such as lichen or algae. It does not have an effect on the performance of your slate roof. While it can be ugly, your slate roof is not damaged or in need of replacement. For harder slate type, power washing is a simple and effective solution to clean the slate.

How can a homeowner recognize when a roof has problems?

A few widespread issues you can look out for include leaks or fragments coming off of shingles. You can also go by date, as roofs usually last up to 25 years. If your roof hasn’t been replaced in over 25 years, it may be time for a new one.

What is the maximum number of layers of asphalt shingles are good enough?

One layer is good enough.  Asphalt shingled roofs shall not be overlaid with an extra layer of asphalt shingles. More than one layer may bring terrible result for existence of your roof. More for query in this regard you may get assistance of expert roofing contractor.

What exactly causes of dark stains on roof?

The leading cause of dark stains on roof is improver leveling and defective slope. In rainy season the water accumulate and leave black and green stains. Although these dim spots and ugly black streaks on your roof may look like dirt, mildew, soot or mold, what they actually are is algae.